Monday, July 26, 2010

Solutions for the summer heat

The heat isn't too bad now because of the rain. But a few months ago it was more than insufferable. In the middle of the heat wave up to July, our house would heat up during the day and by dusk was at least 10 degrees hotter inside than outside.

Our first summer investment was an oscillating fan. Then when that didn't cut it, our second investment was a bad of ice we'd grab from the 7-Eleven and place on a giant plate in front of the fan. (Gustavo likes to call this "Mexican technology.") If the room got any cooler with the ice, I didn't notice.

The third investment was two plastic garden chairs for our front yard. That worked much better than a fan and a bag of ice. Add a couple of beers from the corner store and it was almost as good as air conditioning.

The fourth and current investment is a more permanent solution. Not an air conditioner, but a solid wood bench. We might save up for air conditioning for next year, but for now, this is the spot.


Leslie Limon said...

The bag of ice in front of the fan trick sounds like it would work. :) But since it didn't, pop some of that ice into your Agua de Guayaba and go have a seat on that adorable wooden bench! :)

Marianne Veto said...

Outside is always better than in. BTW, Greensboro temps have been hotter than GDL this year, and New Orleans.

TenekTech said...

Wow! Was it that hot in Guadalajara! Good that now has cool down a bit .... I remember the rainy season always makes it a little bit cool

GrandMoon said...

My grandmother used to put a wet towel over the fan. I don't think that worked either.

Meredith Veto said...

A good friend of mine used to dip a t-shirt in cold water, wring it out, and sleep in it. On really hot nights the water evaporates in about 10 minutes and feels so cool, and you'll wake up in a dry t-shirt. I'm sure this technique would be forbidden in Mexico given the level of paranoia about temperature change, wet clothes, bare feet, etc. -- but I still recommend it.