Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Accidental Tapatia — a new start

So I’m back. Actually, I have been for a while—I'll have been in Guadalajara a full year next week! I haven’t blogged because I thought I had nothing to blog about. I’m not writing for the Guadalajara Reporter anymore, so no new articles to post.

I now work out of my home as a manager for a Chicago-based translation company, and my life revolves around the domestic upkeep of a small bungalow-style home near Plaza Mexico, a resilient 2007 Dell laptop on which I do all my work, and (somewhat limited) conversations with a greet parrot named Sabina. I live with my tapatío* boyfriend, who, among other very important things, has taught me to like soccer.

I thought I’d turn this blog around a bit, and focus on things I would want to know as a now expatriated 20-something gringa living in Guadalajara, Mexico. Things like:

  • How to sell stuff (furniture, old electronics) without Craigslist
  • Where to find other gringos, if needed (I don’t have the full answer to this yet, but I’m working it out)
  • How to master re-fried beans and other deceptively simple Mexican culinary staples in your home
  • How to get along with your significant other who does not usually speak English
  • The visa process, quick and painless
  • Mexican healthcare for the uninsured, and the best budget-friendly hospitals in the metropolitan area
  • …and more.

For each idea, I’d like to provide and also solicit names/contact info for the people who have helped answer the questions, like my favorite dentist and favorite FM3 lawyer. I like to recommend things that have turned out well for me and sure you do too, so maybe this we can figure all this out together.

Note #1: This blog is not intended for long-settled expats who know how to do everything already. If you know the difference between a bolillo, birote and telera, have visited the INM more times than you can count, and can point out pitaya season on a calendar, you could probably write this blog yourself. 

Note #2: I'm not going to italicize or otherwise punctuate Spanish words because I assume they are part of a standard Spanglish vernacular for the audience the blog is intended for. If not, they probably should be.


Leslie Limon said...

Hi Meredith! Thank you so much for e-mailing me about your blog! Congrats on your first year in Mexico! :)

If you're looking for more expats in Mexico, I have a long list of links to blogs of fellow Gringos in Mexico. (I'll will be adding yours as soon as I post this comment!)

Look forward to getting to know you! :)

Meredith Veto said...

Leslie, thanks for the warm welcome! I'm just discovering other expat blogs myself, and as soon as I figure out how to organize this thing better, I hope to link some to my blog too. Hope you enjoy my posts!