Thursday, August 26, 2010

The best pizza in Guadalajara: Funicula

In 2007 I interviewed a surfer-photographer based in Bucerias for a Guadalajara Reporter story on expat bloggers ("Expat bloggers add fresh perspective to Mexico"). While I didn't include it in the story, he told me that he never misses a chance to stop by a pizza joint called Funicula when he passes through Guadalajara.

I never forgot the advice. It's taken me three years to finally visit Funicula, and now I'm an addict. They serve traditional wood-oven pizzas with not-too-thin crusts and toppings that are difficult to find elsewhere in town: artichokes, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, anchovies, fresh herbs.

The menu includes creative ingredient combinations, and although I couldn't find an online menu, I do remember one thing we ordered recently: "la pazza," half pizza, half calzone. They also serve pastas and other Italian specialties, plus showcase a long wine and beer list. Price range is excellent: 70-80 pesos for a pizza (one size fits all, about medium, easily shared between two people).

And to rave a bit about the setting: it's gorgeous. Downstairs includes an outdoor patio, the second floor hosts the kitchen, and upstairs you have warm, romantic lighting with an open eating counter overlooking the street.

The only drawback is that seating becomes very limited on prime nights at dinnertime, and wait times can reach an hour. The last time we went was a weeknight around dusk when Funicula was just gearing up for a rush, and only a few tables were occupied.

Lopez Cotilla 1906 (Col. Americana). Tel. 33-3615-1237.


Gustavo Adolfo said...

Fabulos lugar para degustar una exquisita pizza y un buen vino, en campañía de mi hermosa mujer, la más bella.

Refried Dreamer said...

Def. gonna try this place out. There is only ONE other place my family and I will eat at.
Il Diavolo

Dirección: Av. Terranova # 1189 esq. Turín Col. Providencia
nulo, Jalisco.

Tasty pizzas, great price, WONDERFUL people and service.

Hmmm... maybe we have found a new one!

Meredith Veto said...

Never tried Il Diavolo. Will check it out!

Head out early if you want to grab a table at Funicula... provecho!

Refried Dreamer said...

Hey! We tried Funicula last night... table... no problem. (it was about 9pm) However, the spaghetti beat the pizza by far... nothing but BASIL. It was amazing!!!

Thanks for the heads up!

Refried Dreamer said...

Actually I was wrong about the first pizza place.... the place we usually go to is :

Antica Venezia
Pompeya 2946
esq. Terranova, Providencia.


Meredith Veto said...

Thanks for the recommendation, we'll check it out! Glad you enjoyed the place, and man the basil spaguetti sounds delicious!

VerMan said...

Nice, I love Pizzza & Pasta. I've been "in love" with my next-door neighbors "La Muzza". But it was better the first times, now I need to taste this one. I hope they're Italians and have my favorite "Pizza melanzane".

VerMan said...
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LiamOfFoxchase said...
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LiamOfFoxchase said...

Three years later, this post is still helping expats to GDL find a fine-flavored pizza....